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Welcoming New Artists

Posted on: November 1st, 2019 by Libbie Graham

Autumn is here and with it comes some fabulous collections from your favourite artists. We’re also delighted to introduce three new artists to the gallery. Do pop in and have a look at their work or check our their collections

Darryn Eggleton

Raised in Kruger National Park in South Africa, Darryn grew up with a passion for the natural world, particularly for  the big cats which roamed the area around his home, and this comes across in his Park Life collection. Over the years he has refined his skill and technique to a point where the texture and patterns of the fur are recreated in vivid colours and with a stunning level of authenticity. His distinctive statement pieces take their subject out of their natural habitat, placing it against a striking single colour backdrop which brings each beautifully described animal into sharp and immediate relief, and creates a lifelike presence – photo-realism with a contemporary twist.

Darryn Eggleton Waiting Game


Duncan McGregor

Duncan is one of the art world’s great innovators. Internationally renowned as the UK’s leading contemporary colourist, he has a unique personal vision which he shares with us through his vibrant narratives. While at first glance Duncan’s dynamic paintings seem almost minimal, closer examination reveals previously unseen depths, hidden messages and a wealth of pattern and detail that has been ingeniously composed and woven into each vivid narrative.

Oceans Reach Duncan MacGregor


Gary Walton

Gary is a contemporary marine artist loving his subject of quirky boats at low tide. Harbours and their assortment of buildings are a strong feature of his work and often lead him into painting quirky lopsided cottages too.

Gary Walton The Quayside