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Meet the Artist: Lawrence Coulson

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet acclaimed landscape artist Lawrence Coulson in the gallery on Saturday 26th August from 12-3pm.

Lawrence will be painting live in the gallery – showcasing his unique talent of capturing the power of nature on canvas. He will also be sharing the ideas and inspirations behind his latest collection ‘A Darker Light’ released in July 2017 just a month before his visit.

In the new collection ‘A Darker Light’ we introduce arguable his strongest work to date in which we see Lawrence exploring some of his favourite themes, whilst retaining the technique and flair that has earned him critical acclaim and an ever growing audience of collectors. His passion for continuing to paint and develop as an artist comes from his desire to travel further afield and capture the beautiful landscape.

Refreshments will be served.

Please contact the gallery for more details or if you would like to reserve artwork for dedication.